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Architectural & Engineering Services – A Grade Licence Engineer

Kaddartech is an established firm with well experience in architectural design and construction for homes and buildings. Architectural services include design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration. We offer services ranging from interior design, 3D architectural rendering, exterior design, space planning, to house plan drafting and more. We also focus on function layout including mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and others.

Our engineers focus several areas, including

Kaddartech Engineers work in teams with architects to design, construct, and maintain buildings and building complexes. They also focus on designing structural systems, evaluating and planning heating and air conditioning, lighting, electrical, plumbing, and/or fire protection systems for buildings. Our Engineers also work on new building projects, or renovations of existing structures


Kaddartech covers all aspects of construction. We maintain high standards and ensure a world-class finish to all of our construction projects. Our skilled team and attentive supervision assures the smooth running of all of our projects and that work is completed within set time frames.

We offer contracting services covering a wide spectrum of construction projects. These include traditional contracts to design and build, operate and fully integrated Public Private Partnerships. Kaddartech expertise ranges includes residential and office developments, shopping centers, health services and educational facilities.

Our successful performance in this sector is supported by a client base of major players in the industry who have commended Kaddartech on their ability to deliver.

We possess unique strengths to support our promise

All undertaken building work is done in strict accordance with Government building standards. With strong attention to detail and finish, Kaddartech has become a familiar name and the first choice for many.

Traditional and Vasthu Consultant

Vastu is centered around the fact that both humans and gods are dwelling together in a house .It is believed that while constructing a home all the principles of vastu should be followed for the residents to enjoy a heavenly bliss and also for health and prosperity. As per the principles of vastu sastra, each room in the house has its own set of rules to be followed while constructing. KaddArtech is presenting a wide verity of home plans which are built under strict followence of vastu sastra. You can have a look at all our vastu plans and choose the best one for you.

House and Building Renovation

Kaddartech undertakes construction and renovation services [New and Old] of all types of houses, buildings, flats, office etc, we provide different types of home improvement services for our valued clients. Renovation project can upgrade outdated features, better functionality and make the space you have more efficient. We have been successfully delivering high Quality Interior units by our Professional estimating and scheduling capabilities. By coordinating everything, we ensure the things happen at the right time, whether you're looking for kitchen, Living room, bed room, bathroom renovations or a custom design job, Kaddartech is your one-stop-shop for all your home décor needs. We have been trusted by many of our customers to provide them with expert advice and quality workmanship resulting in interior renovation. We manage all projects to economies of scale.

Kaddartech uses the latest materials and best appliances available in the industry to make your home interiors modern and ecofriendly. When you hire us for your interior remodeling needs, you can really have peace of mind. In addition to using high quality materials for your interior renovations, we make sure all of our work is executed perfectly and in accordance with all construction regulations and standards

Interior Design

We have great ideas and smart solutions to decorate and arrange your flat / apartment/ office with full of functional spaces and without any clutter. You will meet your every expectation about your residence and can enjoy living there! You can use our services if you want to add unique style to your Home/flat/Office interior design.

We design by keeping in mind our clients requirements, design concepts and usability about their home interiors, which must be a perfect blend of style, creativity and functional all the way.

We are passionate about excellent design, with high quality finishes and fastidious attention to detail. We have worked on a wide range of projects, throughout India, ranging from commercial projects, recreational, renovations through to high end residential projects designed from the ground up.

We are proved our excellence of the following: