About Us

Chief Architect and Designer - Dr. Anoop KG

Caddartech is a construction company formed with highly experienced and skilled workers who are in the field of construction. We build houses with most modern designs, contemporary style, colonel style and ancient Nalukettu model. Our project management team provides a dedicated work force whose responsibility is to bring forth high quality enterprise on calculated cost within scheduled duration..

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Our Projects

Our Services

Caddartech is an established firm with well experience in architectural design and construction for homes and buildings. Architectural services include design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration. We offer services ranging from interior design, 3D architectural rendering, exterior design, space planning, to house plan drafting and more. We also focus on function layout including mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and others.

Caddartech Engineers work in teams with architects to design, construct, and maintain buildings and building complexes.

Our engineers focus several areas, including:

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All the Projects undertaken until now has been completed within the stipulated time with zero defects winning us the trust of all our clients